United by a shared vision to produce the highest quality pork through focused environmental stewardship, sustainability & an enduring pursuit of lowest environmental footprint.



Wilson Hellaby’s commitment is to deliver succulent and tender 100% New Zealand pork derived from best practice family farms and specially selected animals, whose cuts are trimmed to the highest specification that are perfect for you to BBQ, Roast and Grill, every time.

It’s about a simple collective philosophy of respect:

Respect for our producers; respect for our environment; respect for our animals and; importantly, respect for you, our customer.

Wilson Hellaby Pork is locally produced by award-winning family farmers who profoundly adhere to environmental stewardship, continual innovation and; the best sustainable farming practices. They prove that you can deliver the best of the land without compromising the environment. We believe in their passion. We respect that.

Wilson Hellaby Pork is all about happy, healthy animals that enjoy a good, safe life, farmed in their natural social groups.

The best animal husbandry techniques combined with the highest standards of animal welfare, underpin our suppliers empathy for their animals and their environment.

Happier animals simply produce better quality meat and our animals thrive in their environment.

We believe in this commitment. We respect that.

The diligence of our best practice suppliers, the quality of their animals and the control and integrity of our process are the hallmarks of Wilson Hellaby’s 100% New Zealand pork program.

We think that you’ll respect that.

Our Farmers

United by a shared vision to produce the highest quality pork through focused environmental stewardship, sustainability and an enduring pursuit of lowest environmental footprint.

Ratanui Farm and Waratah Farms Ltd form the supply base of Wilson Hellaby’s retail pork program.

Located in the fertile, rolling hill country of the Manawatu and King Country all farms operate within an integrated and sustainable farming framework where conscientious management of the natural environment compliments technological innovation and best practice animal husbandry.

Through commitment and execution of the following on-farm practices Ratanui and Waratah Farms set themselves apart quite simply, as better farmers for our future.


Aquifers and waterways are monitored and sampled regularly to ensure maintenance of source water integrity and that usage doesn’t exceed long term regeneration rates.

Recycling of treated waste water for flushing reduces the requirement for ground and surface off take.

Waterway planting and fencing has also been undertaken to protect the natural water quality on each property.


Farm grown barley and local dairy by-products are incorporated into both the complex cereal and wet feed piggery diets. The majority of barley straw is collected post-harvest and utilised as bedding for the sows eco-shelter housing, with a balance converted to compost to replace organic soil matter.

Food and by-product waste collection saves unnecessary landfill dumping and the redirection of waste back into the feed loop.

Effluent is collected, processed on farm and used as the primary fertilizer – A valuable alternative to commercial chemical fertilizer application.


With a strict effluent management regime in place, piggery effluent is collected, screened, aerobically digested and returned to the farm as high-value fertilizer. Methane gas omission flaring has been developed and commercialised on-farm in association with NIWA.

The highest biosecurity standards at the breeder and grower units ensure high health rates among animals and prevents possible farm gate contamination.

Avoiding Irreversibility

As agriculture the world over becomes more intensive & strives to incrementally increase productivity from the same amount of land, Ratanui Farm and Waratah Farms have recognised that care for their respective environments is central to their ability to farm sustainably into the future.

Livestock farming reportedly now attributes to 70% of global freshwater usage and 38% of of the world’s land-use conversion and on this basis our key suppliers recognise the importance of managing their production operations at levels that avoid permanent natural resource loss.

A persistent focus on water & soil management, riparian planting & effluent control in particular, all assist our suppliers in reducing their operations impact on the natural environment & associated ecosystems.

Sustainable Development

Ratanui and Waratah are good neighbours, sensitive to their communities historical and cultural needs.

Rigorous riparian tree planting programs and fencing of wetlands aesthetically improves the land and protects surrounding natural environment.

100% New Zealand PigCare accreditation combined with a commitment to staff training and personal development ensures a positive and empathetic working environment.

Innovation and Success

From inception, continual on-farm innovation has been important to both Ratanui Farm & Waratah Farms, with each subsequent decade seeing a new milestone achieved.

From the installation of Australasia’s first automatic ‘wet feeding’ system in the late 1970’s, to the first live imports of the Duroc breed to New Zealand in the 1980’s, the first importation to New Zealand of FAN PSS solid separators that efficiently manage farm effluent in the 1990’s, to working with NIWA to install the first covered anaerobic effluent pond on a New Zealand piggery, our suppliers have been at the forefront of porcine agricultural innovation.

Combine this with recognition of practiced environmental stewardship through winning the Wetland Development Merit Award (Ballance Farm Environment Awards) and reaching the finals of the Small Business Leadership category of the Ministry for the Environment Green Ribbon Awards, both Ratanui Farm and Waratah Farms have shown they can deliver the best of the land without compromising their respective environments.

Ratanui and Waratah Farms… Better for the animal, better for the environment and ultimately, better for us.

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